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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baked French Toast!

This is another recipe from Pioneer Woman.  This is an awesome recipe, simple, make ahead goodness!  Hubby had a second helping!  Can it get any better than this...

Sloppy Joes

Once again Ree from has done it again for me!  Try her awesome version of the Sloppy Joe!  DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marlboro Man Sandwiches

If you have never visited the wonderful website  Oh My Gosh!  You will find amazing recipes!  This is my version of Ree's Marlboro Man Sandwiches.  Even my picky eater children LOVE these.  I have found all her recipes easy & extremely delicious.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fried Razor Clams

Razor Clams are dug up here on the beaches of the North West.  They are fast digging with very sharp, thin edged shells, ranging in length, average being approx 5inches long.  Very chewy & extremely delicious!
Removing there shell is a easy process, simply dip in boiling water & the shell will fall right off.

Your left with a naked clam. I use scissors to slice right up the zipper.

Cut of the brown end of the neck.
There are two chambers in the neck. Slice through the top chamber, then the bottom chamber.

Next, enter the digger found in the the center of the clam & slice it open & lay it flat.

Run cool water over the clam, easily remove all the brown tinged tissue seen here.  The fleshy digger meat will remain.
Prepare a plate of your favorite batter, eggs & a hot skillet of oil.  Dip the clam in beaten eggs, then in the batter mix & drop in to very hot oil. 

Fry for approx. 60-90 seconds, turning once untill golden brown.

Oh yes, you are about to enjoy a plate of crispy goodness, well worth all the digging!  Enjoy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Strawberry Pop Tarts

Good Morning!  Welcome to the first post in our kitchen.  Yesterday, I decided to try a little adventure in baking.  I made homemade poptarts!  They are the yummiest little things you can imagine!  Once you try these, you will never want to buy them again!  I found a bazillion recipes for these on line, but the one I patterned mine after was found here at Smitten Kitchen.  I have not tried any filling but the strawberry jam.  I had to use store bought  jam, but I bet that some homemade jam in this recipe would send your taste buds into pop tart heaven.  Try some, you will not regret it.